Read about Arches in my book Voices For The Earth

Read about Arches in my book Voices For The Earth

November 2015


I celebrate-

I celebrate this land,

its cliffs, its canyons, its red rock,

Its proud forms-

The lens it provides

to nature’s forces,

To the real in life,

in us.


Sun and clouds play

in the sky.

Ever changing light born

of their games,

Accents the land below,

Teasing forth is colors,

Illuming its character, its rhythms,

All to our infinite delight.


I celebrate the bold raven’s

cry, his exaltation,

As he banks again, coursing by the

red cliffs,

Piercing the air beneath

a red sandstone arch,

Passing through into the

blue beyond-

Going – who knows where.


I celebrate within,

The spirits I feel

welling up

Suffusing my very being.

My every move becomes

more aware, more responsive.

All my senses are keen,

And it is well.


All is alive-

And there is music,

a song.

A chorus rises and swells,

Filling the air, moving over

the land.

Honoring the moment,

Exalting the heavens,

Celebrating the earth.