Point Reyes Impressions

Point Reyes – Point of Kings – 50 years celebration as a national seashore.


“Island in Time,” riding the Pacific Plate,
moving through the millennia toward the North Star.


Island of mists, fog, driving rain, thundering surf, steep cliffs,
bold sea rocks, calm lagoons, brilliant sunshine
and gentle breezes … beaches from the intimate to the awesome.

Tomales Point

Island of legend – Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind,
shelter from the vengeful Spanish.


The Golden Hind

Refuge for wildlife – whales, elephant seals, their smaller cousins, tule elk,
peregrine falcon – recovering species.
Master of the seasons. Birds and flowers beyond measure.


A place of many moods, of spiritual connection. A place where time moves
in infinite directions, but seems to stand still….
Truly, an Island in Time.